personalised health care

Functional Medicine directly addresses the underlying root cause of disease. It views the body as an interconnected whole, recognising the importance of how your body systems work together to unwind disease and achieve optimal health.

You are completely unique and made up of all your life experiences. Your health care program needs to represent that. There is no one sized fits all approach that works, so we won’t give you that here.

By listening to your personalised and unique story, I find the nutritional and biochemical imbalances that may have led to your symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, irritable bowel, joint pain and/or the need for medications for health issues.

What can we help with?

The answer is, everything – but these are the common areas that I help with.



There is absolutely help you can receive for hot flushes, weight gain and mood shifts.



Whether it’s high or low, we can find out what’s happening and reduce the effects.


Diarrhoea, constipating, bloating, gas and reflux can be turned around in a program.

Functional Medicine can work together with regular medicine but it also give you options other than taking medications for life. Together we focus on reversing conditions and the prevention of disease, using individualised diet recommendations, supplements, lifestyle modifications and stress reduction.


This process acts like a secret weapon that we use to find out exactly what is happening in your body, which parts are connected [because you are NOT just a bunch of parts] and formulate a very personal plan to help you regain optimum health.




Longer appointment times so we can discuss everything you need to talk about, all at once.


Specialised Testing

Personalised testing so we can see exactly what is happening inside your body and why.

Holistic Examination

A process to link all your symptoms together so we find the common threads.


Personalised Plan

The exact nutritional and lifestyle plan you need to achieve your individual goals.


Mindset and motivational  coaching to find your barriers and accelerate your results.


High level follow up and support so you can ask questions and stay on track.

Cutting edge science-based functional testing may be used to search for underlying deficiencies or triggers causing your symptoms. 

These tests, which can be done in the privacy of your home, provide clues as to what is happening within the delicate balance of the body and its systems. I will explain why I am recommending them, and what the results truly mean. You are encouraged to ask questions!


Our first consultation requires a completed health history prior to scheduling an
appointment. We will then review your health history together, your unique
symptoms, treatments and any blood-work/imaging data to date. The most beneficial
time I spend with you is the time we spend together discussing you, your lifestyle,
your health concerns and what it is you want to improve in these areas. Without this
discussion, it’s impossible to look at test results and understand what those numbers mean in relationship to you. This appointment typically lasts a minimum of 1 hour but
typically closer to 1.5 hours.

At the end of your first appointment you will leave with a unique Functional Medicine testing schedule and initial steps to improve your symptoms, which often
involves diet, lifestyle and/or supplement recommendations. I give you detailed follow-up notes and informative handouts to make it easy to attain your health goals. You will typically reconnect with me 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation to review any testing results, check in with recommendations from your initial appointment and start a new schedule of individual recommendations.


I’m here to help.

Send me a message about your situation with any questions you have.

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