Functional Medicine Specialist.

I’m Julie Farrelly

I help women transform the low mood, weight gain and fatigue they experience during menopause so they don’t have to feel like it will last forever – because it doesn’t have to.

Want help with energy + weight loss?

The secret to both those things it to understand why they stop happening. One key reason is crashing blood sugar. Use this free guide to create the foundation to help you make more energy and stabilise your weight.


How you are feeling right now has probably become a normal part of  your life, a part you wish never happened. I am so glad you found your way here so that I can offer you support, advice and most importantly a structured roadmap of exactly what you need to do to have the health and wellbeing you need.



A personalised program where weight gain, fatigue and low mood do NOT have to be a normal part of being a woman.

When your body begins to change it can seem confusing when the same ‘lifestyle’ approach doesn’t work anymore. There is no need to try every diet under the sun and you do not have to feel ashamed about how you might be feeling. I have a purpose built program just for you. Together we can create the right personalised approach to boost your vitality, lift your mood and get you back into whatever pants you desire to wear.

No more endless dieting

Get your inner spark back

Feel confident and alive


Many women come to me with concerns about their thyroid, their digestive system and when menopause is creating major change in their body and life. The truth is, you might have test results or mixed symptoms that don’t make sense and you want someone to connect ALL the pieces for you rather than skipping over everything ‘as best they can’ in a short consultation.

I have a very unique process to gather all the information and make the most clinically relevant recommendations so you can get a personal treatment plan.


I combine two worlds.

As a qualified functional medicine practitioner I know there’s a lot going inside your body that you’ve been living with and you’re tired of it. I’ve dedicated my life to helping you get the answers you need. From my experience as a nurse in the emergency room, to holistic clinical practice in nutritional medicine – I bring the knowledge of both worlds, supported by listening, advice and support to absolutely change your life.


Articles to inspire you and give you essential how-to’s for your wellness journey.

Sound & Your Strategies for Health with the Vital Woman Code
Sound & Your Strategies for Health with the Vital Woman Code

Over the last 2 weeks, we have discussed how sound can be a stressor, and how it can be damaging to health and wellbeing. This week we discuss how to reduce the harmful effects of sound, allowing the body and brain stillness. Silence is golden Silence is important so...

Sound & It’s Impact on Your Health
Sound & It’s Impact on Your Health

Last week we discussed how noise can be toxic to our well-being. This week we will look at the impact noise can have on our health. Hearing problems affect 1 in 6 Australians. Hearing problems include hearing loss, difficulties in understanding speech in noise,...

Sound & The Vital Woman Code
Sound & The Vital Woman Code

This week we move on to the fourth in our series of 6 stressors, Sound. We will discuss how sound can be a stressor, what the health impacts can be, and how we can reduce the negative effects on our wellbeing. It is all around us, from the sound of the refrigerator,...

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