The last series of articles have been specific to surviving the ravages many women experience during peri-menopause. Over the next few months, we are going to dive into The Vital Woman Code, and look at where a healthy menopausal journey begins. It’s not with medication, hormones or even supplementation. It all starts with how you live your everyday life!

Today, we are faced with more environmental stressors and pollutants than ever before. Toxins threaten our health and wellness all around us. This toxic load is starting to overwhelm our bodies. It affects our moods, metabolism, weight, and general wellbeing. Ultimately, it may create problems such as auto-immune conditions, allergies, and disease.

Each of us has a unique genetic structure, influenced by our own unique environment. It’s essential to focus on both the internal and external environments. The Vital Woman Code looks at 6 environmental inputs: air, water, light, sound, EMF, and food. We examine how reducing our exposure to common stressors and toxins can reverse the unbalance and return to wellness.


We often take it for granted. It is all around us. We need it to survive, and without it, we will die. But it isn’t always healthy, with lung disease being the fourth leading cause of death in the US<sup)[1]

Many air pollutants we expose ourselves to by choice, such as perfumes, diffusers, and cleaning products, each a foreign substance adding to our toxic load.


EMF, or electromagnetic fields, are caused by the movement of an electric charge. They are naturally all around us. The earth’s magnetic field causes a compass needle to point north. It’s also used by birds and fish for migration.

With our ever-advancing technologies, we create more and more artificial sources. Infrastructure such as telecommunications, broadcasting, and power lines play a role. Inside our homes, we have microwave ovens, computer and TV screens and mobile phones.

While much of our exposure is unavoidable, there are ways to reduce the total toxic burden.


Food is probably the most obvious, yet often one of the most overlooked toxic burdens. Much of our food is highly processed, and fresh food is sprayed with numerous chemicals before it makes it to your home. In fact, nearly 70% of produce sold in the U.S. has toxic pesticide residues[2]!


We spend much of our day indoors. Whether it’s at work, shopping centres, or at home with artificial light, and in front of screens emitting blue light. This constant exposure interferes with our circadian rhythm. This is the natural, biological process that regulates our sleep-wake cycle.

When our circadian rhythm is upset, it leads to poor quality sleep, insomnia, and problems with metabolism, mood, hormones, and weight.


Modern society has become 24/7. Have you noticed how difficult it is to find somewhere that is truly quiet? It feels almost impossible to escape the constant hum of traffic, planes, trains, televisions and radios. Recent research focusing on social noise shows it isn’t just industrial noise that is hazardous to our health[3].

Environmental noise can impact our ability to concentrate, cardiovascular function, and mental health[4].


Water… without it, there would be no life. Most of us are careful when it comes to the water we drink, using filters or bottled water, which is fantastic. Unfortunately, people forget about the water they bathe in, wash their clothes in, or brush their teeth with.

Water tested in Australia has been shown to have high levels of lead[5] and copper which damage the brain and can cause depression, anxiety and ADHD.

The Vital Woman Code

Join me over the coming weeks as we dive deep into The Vital Woman Code. I’m going to share with you simple steps you can take which will have a transformation outcome on your health and wellbeing. In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about how you can incorporate The Vital Woman Code into your life to transform your health, I’d like to invite you to book a FREE Discovery Call where we can discuss in-depth your own journey to wellbeing.

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