are you going through the uncomfortable

symptoms of menopause?

Weight gain, fatigue and low mood do NOT have to be a normal part of your life forever.


When your body begins to change it can seem confusing when the same ‘lifestyle’ approach doesn’t work anymore. There is no need to try every diet under the sun and you do not have to feel ashamed about how you might be feeling. 

You’ve possibly been looking for answers for a long time and nothing seems to add up right. Your life doesn’t have to consist of worrying about calories, pants that don’t fit or missing out on events because you’re too tired.

there is a solution

the vital woman 


A personalised program to transform your body weight, energy levels and mood so you can feel confident, alive and healthy in this important time of your life.



Stop the worrying that weight gain is inevitable in middle age by learning the truth about what to eat for your unique body.

Learn how to lose that weight around your middle so that you can wear your favourite clothes again without discomfort or embarrassment.

End the constant yo-yo’ing of your weight by discovering the truth around what is the best diet to sustain a healthy weight in middle age.

it’s time to get your

spark back

Stop the endless physical discomfort by nourishing your body with food that decreases pain and inflammation.

Regain the lost energy and vigour you need to climb out of bed each morning by learning how to rest and recover your body.

Enjoy the company of your friends and family more as your tiredness lessens and you increase your zest for active living.



Stop worrying about your lack of fitness compared to your ‘fit’ friends, by learning the best ways to build your fitness in a healthy way.

Remove the embarrassment and discomfort of attending a gym by discovering how to bring exercise back into your life.

Stop the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality and learn how to move your body without pain so that you feel increased fitness without the discomfort.

we’ll work together to

End the Frustration

If you have been stuck for a while now losing energy, gaining weight and experiencing a dip in your confidence [and your mood] – it doesn’t have to stay that way. There is an easy to implement solution that will show you exactly what to do and when to do it – so you can experience this phase of your life as the very best one yet. 

Because you’ve earned it, right?


what will we do?

Over six transformational months we will meet [online] to get to the bottom of what is happening in your body [and your life] and keep you totally supported along the way. We will use the ‘functional medicine’ process below to ensure you get everything you need to make your goals a reality.



Longer appointment times so we can discuss everything you need to talk about, all at once.


Specialised Testing

Personalised testing so we can see exactly what is happening inside your body and why.

Holistic Examination

A process to link all your symptoms together so we find the common threads.


Personalised Plan

The exact nutritional and lifestyle plan you need to achieve your individual goals.


Mindset and motivational  coaching to find your barriers and accelerate your results.


High level follow up and support so you can ask questions and stay on track.


Have questions?

I’m always happy to help you.

Leave me a message with anything you’d like to know.

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